Welcome to A Chick And Her Garden!

Welcome to my blog! I would like to use this platform to share with you my experiences on our little homestead! I am a preschool teacher by profession, but a homesteader at heart!


In July of 2013, my husband and I bought our little house with 3 acres of land knowing that, although it needed some love, this was going to be our forever home! Fortunately for this girl, I found myself a pretty handy guy. Nick is an electrician and I am lucky to find a guy that would prefer to DIY just like me!


A Community Garden Movement

Gardening To Build A Community


Before starting up A Chick And Her Garden, I had my garden going, my chickens out back, and a simple life attitude.  Living a more traditional life was how Nick and I wanted to live our life.  At that time I was not working from home.


I was working a job that I absolutely loved, but unfortunately the hours and demand of the job took away from my family and homestead.

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The Homesteader Hop

The Homesteader Hop #37

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Sweet Beet Pickled Eggs

Sweet Beet Pickled Eggs

Fall molting is over and Winter Solstice is past, which means the days are getting longer.  It’s coming friends! We’ll have Spring soon, I can feel it!

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Well, so can the ladies in the coop.  Although we’re not in full egg production, we’re on the right track!  Today I had some extra pullet eggs and decided to make my Sweet Beet Pickled Eggs!

A Simple Calendar For Your Garden Planning

Organizing The Garden Plans

I have been known to be a serious over thinker!  Planning the garden has not been an exception to that rule! What usually ends up happening when I over think is that I just say “Screw it!” and leave myself with a huge mess, stumbling around trying to remember what worked and what didn’t a year ago.

So with organizing being the theme of the new year, I took some time to really consider what is helpful and what isn’t!

Are Your Happy Hens Paying Their Rent?

Where Are My Eggs Going??

For the past few years, we have followed a pattern of haphazardly collecting eggs and selling them when we have “eggcess.”  (Sorry, I had to!)  The money earned went to feed and supplies, but I never really kept track.  This year I’m on a new mission!

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