How We Have Eggs All Winter Long

Turn Out The Lights

If you’ve read any of my previous posts on raising chickens, I’m sure you’ve noticed our preference.  We do not like adding electricity to our chicken coop in the winter.  Our our primary reasons are explained in Why We Don’t Add Lights To The Chicken Coop.

But, in the fall and winter, chickens produce less or even no eggs!  The production starts to slow down in the fall with molting season.  And then the days get shorter and those hens need about 16 hours of daylight to produce an egg.

10 Tips For Cutting Chicken Costs

10 Tips For Cutting Chicken Costs

We are always looking for ways to provide the best for our flock, while also trying to keep our costs down.  But I guess you could say I’ve “eyeballed it” until this point.

I’ve looked at how often I’m buying feed and supplies, and how it’s differed from the previous weeks.

But with my new goals this year, I’ve decided to sit and really look at the steps I take and get down to business documenting our expenses.

Sweet Beet Pickled Eggs

Sweet Beet Pickled Eggs

Fall molting is over and Winter Solstice is past, which means the days are getting longer.  It’s coming friends! We’ll have Spring soon, I can feel it!

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Well, so can the ladies in the coop.  Although we’re not in full egg production, we’re on the right track!  Today I had some extra pullet eggs and decided to make my Sweet Beet Pickled Eggs!

Are Your Happy Hens Paying Their Rent?

Where Are My Eggs Going??

For the past few years, we have followed a pattern of haphazardly collecting eggs and selling them when we have “eggcess.”  (Sorry, I had to!)  The money earned went to feed and supplies, but I never really kept track.  This year I’m on a new mission!

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This eBook is an amazing resource for all your needs when raising chickens!

Dual Purpose Chickens: Raise ‘Em Like Your Grandma Did ~ An eBook

Learn How To Raise Your Chickens The Old Fashioned Way

This past month I haven’t been quite as active in my posting, and I have felt so bad about it!  But it has been for big things, I have written my first eBook!!!

When we first started raising chickens we knew we wanted to stick to simplicity as best as we could.  We wanted eggs and we wanted meat but we didn’t want two operations.

We wanted to be sustainable with our chickens, so decided on a dual purpose, heritage breed.