Are Your Happy Hens Paying Their Rent?

Where Are My Eggs Going??

For the past few years, we have followed a pattern of haphazardly collecting eggs and selling them when we have “eggcess.”  (Sorry, I had to!)  The money earned went to feed and supplies, but I never really kept track.  This year I’m on a new mission!

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This eBook is an amazing resource for all your needs when raising chickens!

Dual Purpose Chickens: Raise ‘Em Like Your Grandma Did ~ An eBook

Learn How To Raise Your Chickens The Old Fashioned Way

This past month I haven’t been quite as active in my posting, and I have felt so bad about it!  But it has been for big things, I have written my first eBook!!!

When we first started raising chickens we knew we wanted to stick to simplicity as best as we could.  We wanted eggs and we wanted meat but we didn’t want two operations.  We wanted to be sustainable with our chickens, so decided on a dual purpose, heritage breed.


Try this ONE step to keep your hens water from freezing this winter! (No electricity required!!)

The Only Tip You Need ~ Keep Your Chickens Water From Freezing

How To Keep Your Chickens Water From Freezing


If you’ve read any of my previous posts about winter chicken care, you’ll know that I am a firm believer in NOT adding electricity to the chicken coop.  You can read Why We Don’t Add Lights To The Chicken Coop for more details on why not.  So, in the snowbelt of Northwestern Pennsylvania, how have I been keeping my chickens from going without fresh water all winter long??


Take these 2 easy steps to get your chickens to lay in their nesting boxes!

Rogue Chickens ~ How To Get Chickens To Lay In The Nesting Boxes

Get Your Free Range Chickens To Lay In Nesting Boxes

We have been very fortunate with our experience raising free range, heritage breed chickens. Since we’ve started, we have yet to have any serious issues with predators, we’ve had broody girls that give us chicks regularly, and we’ve had good girls that come home at curfew and (for the most part) lay in their nesting boxes were they should!

When My Simple Life Isn’t So Simple

Accepting That I Don’t Have to Do It All

As I’ve said before, I take on a lot! We all do as homesteaders, living the simple life. We make a conscious choice to do things for ourselves. Whether it’s that we would rather not support large corporations, we want to go back to a more traditional way of life, we like knowing where our food and products come from, the satisfaction of knowing “I did this!”, or a combination of these. Living this lifestyle brings on A LOT of work!