Build Your Own Indoor Accessible Cold Frame

Running Out Of Room!

Every year I start the majority of my garden from seed.  The ultimate goal would be to start all of it myself.

But every year my garden also expands!  Add in annuals, a few perennials, herbs, and the extra seedlings started “just in case” and it can take up a lot of space, fast!

Some day we hope to have a greenhouse but right now it’s just not in the budget.

I am fortunate to have a very handy husband though!  We started out with a small room in the basement that hubs added a grow light and switch to.  We put in a few shelves and I was pretty much out of the way.

Including Kids In The Garden ~ How’s and Why’s

Hide The Learning In Dirt!

I’ve worked with kids of all ages, for about seven years now and they have taught me so much!

A few major things that I’ve learned are:

  • They are tiny adults!  They want to do everything that you do.
  • Kids love to get dirty! (For the most part, Haha!)  Really they just love sensory activities and benefit so much from them.
  • They’re not aware of where their food comes from.  And this makes it the perfect time to introduce them to healthy options!

Pasteurize Worm Castings

We keep a worm bin in my seedling room in the basement and my plants and gardens are extremely grateful for it!

The leachate (or worm juice!) is added to the rain barrel, or diluted and sprayed on tomato plant leaves to help stop disease if we get a heavy rain.  And the castings are added to our seedlings or straight to the garden to give the plants a boost!

But there is one thing that I absolutely hate about it…

A Community Garden Movement

Gardening To Build A Community


Before starting up A Chick And Her Garden, I had my garden going, my chickens out back, and a simple life attitude.  Living a more traditional life was how Nick and I wanted to live our life.  At that time I was not working from home.


I was working a job that I absolutely loved, but unfortunately the hours and demand of the job took away from my family and homestead.

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A Simple Calendar For Your Garden Planning

Organizing The Garden Plans

I have been known to be a serious over thinker!  Planning the garden has not been an exception to that rule! What usually ends up happening when I over think is that I just say “Screw it!” and leave myself with a huge mess, stumbling around trying to remember what worked and what didn’t a year ago.

So with organizing being the theme of the new year, I took some time to really consider what is helpful and what isn’t!