A Simple Calendar For Your Garden Planning

Organizing The Garden Plans

I have been known to be a serious over thinker!  Planning the garden has not been an exception to that rule! What usually ends up happening when I over think is that I just say “Screw it!” and leave myself with a huge mess, stumbling around trying to remember what worked and what didn’t a year ago.

So with organizing being the theme of the new year, I took some time to really consider what is helpful and what isn’t!

Put those old canning lids to work!

The Perfect Plant Markers From Re-Purposed Canning Lids

Create Something New

We’re full swing into winter now, with blizzards and low temps!  That also means that the canning cupboard is emptying pretty quickly.  The canning lids are piling up again, and are really getting on my nerves.

I keep a box of them in the pantry and they were spilling out over the top, screaming to be organized!  So, I humbly obeyed this week.  I went through and realized that quite a few of them were just not up to par to be used again next season.

But that frugal girl in me just couldn’t throw them out!

This free printable was so helpful in organizing my seeds this year!

Know What You’re Growing ~ Seed Inventory Printable

Know What You’re Growing ~ Seed Inventory Printable


We’re entering January and I’ve got the new garden bug!  I’m already thinking about the fresh greens, tomatoes on my sandwich, and flowers blooming around my yard.  But to get to this point, I have some serious organizing to do!  My seedling room in the basement needs a serious scrub down, I need to figure out how to work my new soil block maker, and before I can finish my seed purchasing checklist, I need to be able to make heads or tales of what I already have in stock.

Get your free Seed Starting Checklist and get prepared for the new season!

Garden Planning ~ A Fresh Start

Getting Organized For A New Year

Each year I leap into my garden planning with the best intentions, but still somehow end up a bit of a mess!  I have downloaded apps that map out the garden (which is really helpful, just not until April).  I’ve tried keeping a garden journal, but it was just a handwritten journal and ended up a mess before I even got started.

But this year I have a new goal for every aspect of the homestead.  To get myself organized!  If it means making a printout for everything that I do, I’m doing it!  With this goal I hope to finally achieve my perfect Homestead Management Binder by the end of it!

Lessons Learned From The Garden

Another Season Has Come To An End

This gardening year is coming to an end, and I’ve been planning for next Spring since July. Making mental notes of the mistakes I’ve made, the plants I forgot to start and where I can tuck a new raised bed without the hubby noticing right away! All that remains is a bag of potatoes, some carrots and a few brussels sprout plants.

This past Winter I was commuting to a full time job 45 minutes away, through the Snow Belt, which actually would leave me driving up to an hour and a half each way, on some days.  With that much time taken out of each day I tried to cut corners a bit.