Basic Knit Stitch


Basic Knit stitch


This is a video demonstration of the Basic Knit Stitch, or as you would see it written in you patterns “K”. Some examples would be “K3”, meaning use the knit stitch three times. Or “K to the end”, you would use the knit stitch from that point until the end of that row.

Long Tail Cast On For Knitting


Long Tail Cast On


When my grandma taught me how to knit, casting on was something that I had the most trouble with. It’s easy to forget! You cast on, spend how much time following your pattern, finish that pattern and then you have to think back to how you started the last time. The Long Tail Cast On is what I use for most of my projects.

Casting on was not difficult, once you got the hang of it. It’s just not done as frequently as any of the stitches you are doing.

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