Using Facebook To Grow Your Blog

Curious to know how I tripled my traffic in 3 days??

Facebook was a struggle for me in the past. I felt like I was failing while everyone around me steadily grew. After a serious study of my successful days I've found the perfect formula to skyrocket my pageviews AND following on Facebook!! This course will teach you how to set up your Facebook Page for success and show you the exact steps I took to increase my reach and bring new followers to my Facebook!

The Facebook algorithm is complex and confusing. If you are posting wrong on your page your reach is super low. Staci’s book showed me how to leverage what I was posting, where and when, for maximum results. In particular her information about groups has been super helpful! These strategies really work.

Dana Thompson

Set Up Your Page for Success

Your Facebook Page is like a social media landing page for your readers. I will show you exactly how to set up your Facebook Page to attract new followers.

Grow your Following and Your Pageviews

What you post and the reach that it gets is so important to the success of your Page and your blog! I will teach you the steps that I take to grow my own reach (without paying to promote!) and bring in new followers!

Become A Member of My Private Facebook Group

Once you've taken my course you will have access to my private Facebook Group! Which means you'll have access to me directly! I'm happy to help with any questions you may have and love to see your progress and cheer you on!