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7 Day Blog Hop Planner

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How To Organize Your Blog Hops With My 7 Day Blog Hop Planner

Every week I share on multiple blog hops and link up parties!  They are a great way to get your fresh content out there for fellow bloggers to see, or to find new readers in your niche.  But a lot of us bloggers struggle with how to organize your blog hops.

However, I am a scatter brain.  Seriously.

You know when you walk in a room and forget why you’re there?  That is the story of my life!  My day care kids have noticed to the point where they will see me stop and say, “Are you looking for your coffee again, Ms. Staci?”

I need things written down, to accomplish anything.

I was forgetting at least one of my favorite hops a week, and couldn’t remember what I shared on them the week before.

So, I set myself on a mission to figure out how to organize your blog hops!

Pin Me For Later!!This planner has saved me from pulling my hair out when it comes to blog hops and link ups! Check out how I keep them all straight!

Sure, I could just open an old post and see if it had been shared.  But that little step was taking up a lot of time.

I have found plenty of planners and organizers for blogging.  And a lot of them have been great!  But none of them had a specific section for link ups.  I would just add them to my daily to-do, but I have a lot to do otherwise and I’m sure you do too!

So, that wasn’t working.  So check out below how I figured out how to organize your blog hops!

Collaborating To Give You The Best!

I talked with a group of fellow bloggers and the feedback seemed to be that this was a NEED for a lot of us.  So I set to work to make something functional and beautiful to organize said scattered brain of mine!

I started out with a one page blog hop planner.  Which got some really great feedback, but for a few it wasn’t enough.

It is a seven day planner with space for two link ups a day and notes at the bottom.

A whole new world of Hops was opened to me when making these up!  I found out I was definitely not participating in enough!

Some of my fellow bloggers were participating in 20+ a week!

I wanted to make this planner usable for everyone’s needs.  One page wasn’t going to cut it.

I kept the single page, but also made a seven page planner!  That’s right, 7 PAGES!  Each page being a different day of the week and space for 10 link ups!!

After hearing how much help this would be, and having so many others asking for it to be available, I’ve decided to put it out there for you to get organized with us!

What my fellow bloggers had to say!

Ann from Summers Acres said,

“Thanks Staci! The blog hop planner will be a new essential in my blogging routine. I am a list maker and do not function well without one. I have been struggling to keep up with all of the applicable blog hops to participate in. Getting my new content out to new readers has suffered because of it. It was especially difficult to remember the day the hops go live and even worse if they are similarly named. The one page is great, but I am all about the 7 page planner! These pretty blog hop planner printables are just the trick. ”

Here’s what Kris from Growing Wild Roots had to say,

“This blog hop planner directly addresses one of the number one organisational problems that I was experiencing in my blogging. I have found that weekly linkups are a great way to gain exposure for my posts, but I was regularly missing out on these opportunities because I would forget to participate, or simply couldn’t remember which posts I had submitted to which hops. There are lots of programs and apps for keeping track of social media promotion, but this is the first resource I have seen to help bloggers like me coordinate their linkup activity. “

To receive the one page planner and have access to my other free resources, subscribe here.

If you’re looking to organize more than two hops a day, you can purchase the 7 page planner!

For my blogging planner I like to use this binder and these tabs (the tabs are everything! I’m a little obsessed!)

Check out the hops that I share on here!

What are some of your favorite link ups?? Share with me in the comments!

Amir Najam Sethit

Friday 11th of August 2017

Thank you for this idea. It presents our writing skills. Verry nice thought.

Calypso in Country

Sunday 19th of March 2017

This is such a great idea! Shelley

Ariel Hester

Sunday 12th of March 2017

Definitely a huge help! Organizing linkys is a pain :(

Michele Morin

Saturday 11th of March 2017

I use 3x5 cards - one for each day. Thanks for coming up with something more lovely.

Staci Samuels

Saturday 11th of March 2017

Thank you Michele! I love hearing how everyone organizes and plans differently. I can be a little OCD with my office supplies and organizing lol and needed something fresh and new! :-)

Skip The Bag

Wednesday 8th of March 2017

What a great idea. I've got a basic calendar right now, but I could see how adding another link up or two...I'd quickly be overwhelmed! Found this from the homesteader hop!