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But, Can You Dye Brown Eggs?

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Can You Dye Brown Eggs??

This is a question I get every Easter! “Can you dye brown eggs?”

I’m very adamant that I DO NOT buy eggs from the store!  I also do not have any chickens that lay white eggs.

So many of my fellow chicken keepers have told me that they buy white eggs from the store for Easter! Don't do it! Did you know that you can dye brown eggs?! AND they're actually even more pretty than white eggs!! #eastereggs #coloringeggs #freerangeeggs #raisingchickens #backyardchickens #achickandhergarden

So, should we give up the tradition of coloring Easter eggs?

We raise Buff Orpingtions that lay pink and brown eggs, and Easter Eggers that lay blue and green eggs.  Which pretty much makes our egg basket an Easter basket all year long. (A coworker of my mom’s buys eggs from us and says he loves that it’s like Easter every time he gets them!)

Share the love! Pin Me For Later!!Can you dye brown eggs? Should you? They're all so beautiful already!

We could raise Leghorns or Polish (which I would LOVE if you’re reading this hubby!) to get white eggs.  But right now we are happy with the rainbow we have.

So, when Easter rolls around we always get asked, “Can you dye brown eggs?” and people say, “They won’t look as nice.  I’ll just go buy white eggs.”

Please don’t buy eggs from the store, just to have white eggs for dying!

The past few years we’ve just had our pretty basket of natural eggs, enjoying their natural beauty.  But this year I decided to give it a shot!

Let me tell you, YES you can dye brown eggs!  And YES they do look just as nice, if not, I think they are prettier!

 So How Do You Dye Them??

You could just go buy a dye kit.  But as you know, I don’t like buying things if I don’t have to.

My cupboards are stocked with food coloring, for other baking projects through out the year and this works just fine, gel or liquid.

Just mix together the color of your choice with 1 cup hot water and 1 tablespoon white vinegar!

You can get creative and mix different colors, in different amounts to get more colors.  The possibilities really are endless!  We had a lot of fun experimenting, to see what we would end up with!

Add some flair by wrapping rubber bands around them or writing with crayon on them before dying!

In the end our eggs looked so pretty and I think I’ve answered the ultimate Easter question for chicken owners, “Can you dye brown Eggs?”  You most definitely can!  Don’t give in to the desire to buy white eggs!

Wanna know another secret about fresh eggs??  Check out how to peel them the easy way!

What are some fun ways that you color eggs for Easter?  Tell me in the comments!!

Mixed Bag Mama

Wednesday 19th of April 2017

I have to admit I am guilty of buying white eggs from the store to dye. :/ Now I know! They do look just as nice.

Erin D

Wednesday 19th of April 2017

You might want to skip the Leghorns. Our neighbors added some last year and they were so aggressive with people and the other hens, even after a lengthy introduction, that they've sworn never to get them again. That being said, they made delicious roasts and soup!

Piwakawaka Valley

Thursday 13th of April 2017

Wow, I was wondering exactly this yesterday! We will give it a go tomorrow, thank you.