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Easy Peel Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs

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Hard boiled eggs can be tricky at sometimes, especially with fresh eggs.  Over cooked yolks or shells stuck to the egg are a couple of problems that I tend to have.  The shells are the primary problem with fresh eggs.

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So much so, that I have chicken owner friends who actually go to the store and by their eggs there knowing that they are much older and will peel easier!


This is not like an option for me.  If I were to do that I would be completely defeating the purpose of my ladies out back and their healthy gifts to me everyday!

I asked plenty of people what their tricks were and I got a few responses.

Some said to add baking soda to the water.

Maybe I did something wrong but that was a fail for me.

And others just said to save eggs to age if you wanted to hard boil them.

This doesn’t seem possible around here.  They go fast!

Then I stumbled upon this saving grace!  Thank you Chicken Chick!  The secret is steam and ice water!
For 15 minutes steam your eggs in a steamer basket instead of submerging them in boiling water.


 After the 15 minutes are up transfer the eggs into a bowl of ice water for another 15 minutes.
Next crack and roll your eggs and viola!! Easy peel fresh eggs!
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