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The Only Tip You Need ~ Keep Your Chickens Water From Freezing

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How To Keep Your Chickens Water From Freezing

If you’ve read any of my previous posts about winter chicken care, you’ll know that I am a firm believer in NOT adding electricity to the chicken coop.  You can read Why We Don’t Add Lights To The Chicken Coop for more details on why not.

So, in the snowbelt of Northwestern Pennsylvania, how have I been keeping my chickens from going without fresh water all winter long??

We do anything we can to keep electricity out of our chicken coop so keeping fresh water in the winter was a little bit of a challenge! This tip has cut our winter chicken chores in half, and the less I have to go out in the cold the better! #backyardchickens #raisingchickens #chickensinthewinter #chickenchores #winterhomesteadhacks #achickandhergarden

For the past few years I have been giving myself a lot of work!  I have two 3 gallon waterers that I have been swapping out throughout the day.

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Try this ONE step to keep your hens water from freezing this winter! (No electricity required!!)


I’ve also been bringing them in every night to thaw them out completely.  And let me tell you, if you forget to bring them in at night those babies are rock solid!!

We have cut our work in half in the winter with this tip for keeping our chickens water from freezing! The less I have to trudge through the snow with water buckets, the better! #chickensinwinter #winterchickencare #backyardchickens #achickandhergarden

This was not fun!  I don’t have a thick layer of down to keep me warm out there, and I was getting pretty sick of it.

But thank you Lord!  I have found a new way!  AND I don’t have to raise my electric bill or compromise my beliefs of keeping electricity out of the coop.

Now, this trick is not only a life saver.  It is free!  But, I will suggest that if you don’t have a plastic gravity waterer, you invest in one.  I have had the most success with this!

So what is this magic trick that helps me from running myself ragged in the frigid temps?  SALT WATER!!

Try this ONE step to keep your hens water from freezing this winter! (No electricity required!!)

No, I am not giving my chickens salt water.  That would be bad, very bad!

I am making salt water bottles to insert into the waterers.  One simple step.  That’s it.

Try this ONE step to keep your hens water from freezing this winter! (No electricity required!!)


Find a 20 oz. bottle (mine was Diet Coke, yes I know not healthy, but we all have our vices), add 1/4 cup salt and fill with water.  Close up your bottle and place it in your waterer.  That’s it!!

The first day that I tried this, the real feel got down to -7°F (real feel).  I checked on it throughout the day and it never once froze!

There was a thin layer on the top of the dish but the chickens easily broke through it to get a drink.  And just to be daring, I left it out all night.  And guess what?  No ice!!

So, what’s the science behind this?  Here’s how it was explained to me.  While the colder temps are trying to freeze the salt water (which has a lower freezing point) it is pulling energy through the fresh water and therefore slowing the freezing.

This will not stop freezing.  Tank heaters can’t even do that.  But this does help in giving us less trips to the coop throughout the day.

Do I typically leave the waterer out overnight?  No.  Especially not on nights that I know that actual temps will be below 0°.  But, it is a help on those nights of hovering temps if I can’t make it out to grab it.

So if you’re like us and don’t/can’t add electricity to your coop this will save you endless trips out to refresh the water!

Well there’s one winter problem taken care of!  What about eggs?  Do you have them all winter?  Check out how we manage to here!


Try it out and let us know if it worked for you!  What tips do you have to help your flock out in winter?


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Wednesday 15th of January 2020

Didn’t work for us. And we aren’t even close to negative degree temps. Shucks


Wednesday 9th of October 2019

My solution is to use a cooler I picked up at. Garage sale,,place the warm water in the cooler and it keeps the water from freezing for an extended period.

Cindy Allaer

Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Did not work even the salt water in container froze overnight!


Wednesday 3rd of October 2018

Didn’t work. Sorry.


Friday 2nd of March 2018

Nah didn't work and its only -3 tonight , shame ,