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Helping Your Chickens Through Fall Molting

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I panicked the first time I saw my chickens going bald! But these steps have helped my poor flck make it through the necessary process of molting each Fall! #moltingchickens #backyardchickens #raisingchickens #achickandhergarden

Helping Your Chickens Through Fall Molting

With the days getting shorter and the air getting cooler, I’m sure you’ve started to notice the increased number of feathers in your run or around the yard. Our poor chickens are molting! They look miserable!! And they are!

Share the love! Pin Me For Later!!Your poor chickens will go through molt every year! Take these steps to help them through fall molting!

Growing feathers is serious business, but needs to be done. They are preparing their bodies for winter by shedding damaged feathers and regrowing new ones.

I always feel so bad for my chickens when fall molting starts! They look so miserable! These are some great tips to help them get through it! #moltingchickens #chickencare #raisingchickens #backyardchickens #achickandhergarden

Molting is a painful process for them which leads them to stop laying, for the most part, through this period. Their bodies need to use protein for the feathers so they don’t have any to spare for those eggs we love so much!

So how can you help your chickens through fall molting? Here a few steps you can take to make it a little easier on them.


    1. Switch the feed you give them to one with a higher protein content.

      It’s all about the protein! So if you’re using a layer feed look at the protein content and see about switching to one that provides more.

      Fermented Feed

    2. Add fermented feed to their diet

      Fermented feed helps them to acquire more nutrients. You can find how to ferment feed in my post, Lower Feed Costs with Fermented Feed.


    3. Supply them with Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

      Black oil sunflower seeds are high in protein and rich in Vitamin E. Harvest your own seeds with tips from my post here.


    4. Scrambled Eggs

      If you can spare any, fix them up a breakfast of scrambled eggs! What better source of protein?



    5. Make them (or buy) A flock block

      Flock Blocks can contain all sorts of goodness! They are also a great boredom buster and will reduce feather pecking, which only causes more stress. Here is a recipe that I like to use!

      Do you have any other ways that you use to help your chickens through molt? Comment below and share with us!

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