Marble Square Brownies

Marble Square Brownies are a bit more time consuming but are definitely worth the work! This is another recipe that my family has had as long as I can remember. No part of this recipe is from a box, it is a roll up your sleeves, made from scratch treat! Marble Square Brownies Ingredients 1/2 cup […]

Eggs Regal

Eggs Regal

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]With Spring on it’s way there will soon be an abundance of baby chicks and eggs! Eggs Regal is one of my favorite breakfasts and I love to prepare it for Easter especially! Peel your eggs with tips at Easy Peel Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs. Eggs Regal Ingredients 3 Tbls Butter 2 Tbls flour […]

Easy Peel Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Easy Peel Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs Hard boiled eggs can be tricky at sometimes, especially with fresh eggs.  Over cooked yolks or shells stuck to the egg are a couple of problems that I tend to have.  The shells are the primary problem with fresh eggs. Pin Me For Later!!   So much […]

Chicken Bacon and Artichokes in a White Wine Cream Sauce, Over Linguine

Chicken Bacon and Artichokes in a White Wine Cream Sauce, Over Linguine   Wine Cream Sauce 2 tbsp. shallots, minced 2 cloves garlic, minced 8 tbsp. butter, melted 1 tbsp. fresh Italian parsley, minced 1 tbsp. Wondra or plain flour 1/4 cup white Chianti or Chablis (or other white wine) 1 cup heavy cream dash […]

Chicken and Biscuits From Scratch

[sg_popup id=”1″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup]Chicken And Biscuits From Scratch One of my all time favorite winter comfort foods is Chicken and Biscuits, and today was the perfect day! The only way to make it around here starts with roasting a whole chicken, so it’s a bit of a process but it is definitely worth it! So here […]