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Re-Purposed Fire Pit for Hen and Chicks

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hen and chicks 1

By now you’ve figured out that I’m kind of frugal… OK maybe super frugal…

Hen and chicks 2


One of my favorite plants is Hen and Chicks, or Sempervivum. If you’re looking for a broody hen, this is the hen for you! All of her chicks end up hens! This, in crazy chicken lady terms, means that each of it’s offspring is another hen, which will produce MORE chicks! Unlike my crazy ladies out back, these hens will not give you an abundance of randy roosters to drive you nuts!

The chicks can simply be popped off in some of the most random places you could think of! Broken terracotta pots, teacups, old boots, interesting glasses, hollow logs. This list is endless! Frugal part one of this post!


Part two would be the slate top off of an old fire pit that my parents bought Nick and I when we moved into our first house. This past winter it had been sitting in our yard, sad that no one used it anymore, and slowly rusting away.

Today I brought home a new plant and when I got out of the car, the top of the fire pit was sitting next to the garbage! We can’t have that! It was perfect for a ring of Hen and Chicks. I moved it down to the corner of our driveway, laid it on-top of some weed barrier, planted my new plant and covered the remaining barrier with soil. My next step will be to add some gravel and I’m sure it will evolve from there!


hen and chicks 1