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My Trip To Paradise Made Me Miss My Own Slice Of Heaven

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Back home, there’s a lot to do!  Chickens, dogs and cats, seed starting, cleaning, cooking, work, blogging, planning for new additions to the homesteading list.

So, when my sweet in laws offered us a trip to Fort Lauderdale, to break up the winter, who could pass that up?!

Pin Me For Later!It can be really hard to decide to take a break from the homestead. But, it's something you need! It's more than just rest and relaxation. See what I gained from leaving the homestead for a week.

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting peacefully on a dock drinking my coffee.  The tide is going out of the inlet that our little dock is on.  The different birds, that I’m not used to, are playing in the trees.  And two palm trees are shading my laptop screen.



Back home I might be bundled up in front of the wood stove.  Here, I’m barefoot and outside.

I don’t have chickens to feed, seeds to check on, a cat who can never stop eating begging me for more and dogs that just absolutely need my assistance just because I sat down.

This trip was more than needed.  The sun on my skin is reviving my soul!

It’s silly because the locals are apologizing for the breeze.  It was 75°F our first day and I saw a few people in puffy winter coats!

Most people might come here and say don’t make me leave.  And I can see why.  It’s gorgeous!

Not only that, but it’s a little bit slower and more carefree.  I am constantly reminded that I need to be more like that.  Shocking right?? 🙂

So, aside from having a fantastic time, what else has come of this trip?

It has made me miss and appreciate my little homestead heaven!

 Taking Pride In The Little Things

It’s not hard to notice the difference in lifestyles here.  Everywhere we go, we see people trying to be more flashy than the last, regardless of social status.

Who has a nicer car, who can show more skin.  We went on a water taxi trip that showed us the yachts and mansions in the area.  And while they were all awing, I had to think, I would be happy with a new mini barn.

We were told that when people here buy new yachts they don’t sell the first before buying the second.

Another part of the taxi showed the industry for the area.  Cruise lines and shipping barges.

And while I understand that this is how the world is fed and how they receive their goods, the sight did make me a little sad.  They were a bit of an eyesore on the natural beauty, not to mention it encroached on the natural habitat of local wildlife like the manatee and dolphin.

I’m not trying to sound negative to their culture.  It just makes me aware that I have so much pride in the little things in my life!

I love that I have a husband that I can count on to fix and build me things, and that we don’t have to go out and spend more than necessary.

I’m proud of the fact that we have the knowledge to grow our own food, and provide for ourselves.

Seeing the wildlife here makes me miss new born chicks bouncing around, or the deer in the backyard (before Layla chases them off).  And it definitely makes me miss the crazy’s in the house, Maggie, Layla and Bo!

Am I ready to say goodbye to sunshine, warm weather and less work?  Absolutely not!

But am I recharged and ready to jump back into my homestead life?  Most definitely!

Bring on the unpredictable Spring weather, of Northwestern Pennsylvania!  I’m on my way back home!

How do you feel after a vacation away from your homestead?  Tell me in the comments!

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Skip The Bag

Saturday 18th of March 2017

Living in hot places makes you weak. I'm one of those that would be wearing jackets at 75 degrees. :) Thanks for sharing on the #wastelesswednesday blog hop! I'm glad you had a nice time on your trip.