Build Your Own Indoor Accessible Cold Frame

Running Out Of Room!

Every year I start the majority of my garden from seed.  The ultimate goal would be to start all of it myself.

But every year my garden also expands!  Add in annuals, a few perennials, herbs, and the extra seedlings started “just in case” and it can take up a lot of space, fast!

Some day we hope to have a greenhouse but right now it’s just not in the budget.

I am fortunate to have a very handy husband though!  We started out with a small room in the basement that hubs added a grow light and switch to.  We put in a few shelves and I was pretty much out of the way.

The Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Guide To A Clean Kitchen

The revolving door around here has to be the Kitchen!  I spend most of my time there, especially in the winter.  And now Nick is building me a new one.

No, I don’t mean he’s remodeling the one we have (sad face).  He’s building me a canning kitchen in the basement!  Yay!!

When we bought our home, it already had a canning stove in the basement and a canning closet.  But they hadn’t seen any attention in a LONG time.

My parents replaced their counters and sink, so they offered them to us.  And so started a new project!

The Homesteader Hop

Homesteader Hop #40

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Including Kids In The Garden ~ Seed Starting And Sensory Play

The Kids Are Ready!

Last week, in Including Kids In The Garden ~ How’s and Why’s, I told you all about the benefits of including the kids, and how to get them interested.

I asked them questions and helped the kids decide on what seeds they wanted to grow! (Miss Lilly wanted every flower, “because they’re so pretty!”)

So now that we have out list made up, we just plant the seeds.  Right??

Not here at Miss Staci’s house!

We need to get a little dirty first!!

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10 Tips For Cutting Chicken Costs

10 Tips For Cutting Chicken Costs

We are always looking for ways to provide the best for our flock, while also trying to keep our costs down.  But I guess you could say I’ve “eyeballed it” until this point.

I’ve looked at how often I’m buying feed and supplies, and how it’s differed from the previous weeks.

But with my new goals this year, I’ve decided to sit and really look at the steps I take and get down to business documenting our expenses.