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Garden Planning ~ A Fresh Start

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Getting Organized For A New Year

Each year I leap into my garden planning with the best intentions, but still somehow end up a bit of a mess!  I have downloaded apps that map out the garden (which is really helpful, just not until April).

I’ve tried keeping a garden journal, but it was just a handwritten journal and ended up a mess before I even got started.

I love starting with a clean slate in the garden every Spring! This post, and printable made it so easy to planout the garden this season! #gardenplanning  #gardening #springgarden #seedstarting #gardeningforbeginners #achickandhergarden

But this year I have a new goal for every aspect of the homestead.  To get myself organized!

If it means making a printout for everything that I do, I’m doing it!  With this goal I hope to finally achieve my perfect Homestead Management Binder by the end of it!

Share the love! Pin Me For Later!!Before this year I spent haphazardly on my garden.  It's so easy to browse seed catalogs or walk through the gardening section of the store and just grab a bit of everything! Until I made this plan! This seed starting printable saved me so much this year!

A Plan For Purchasing

My garden season always starts with purchasing everything that I need for seed starting.  When I start out I’m always really excited.  I love checking out new plants to start and thinking about where I’ll end up putting them.

But for the past two years I’ve done two things to completely screw this up.  First, I don’t get started ordering early enough and end up missing out on seeds that I had planned on.

Second, I don’t make a plan ahead of time so I either get things I really need, or I forget to add something and miss out on having it that year.

Get your free Seed Starting Checklist and get prepared for the new season!


Those days are gone, now that I have my Seed Starting Checklist!  My main problem was that I lumped gardening into one category, rather than breaking it into the steps that it truly is.

After maintaining the soil, my first step of gardening is prepping what will go in it.  This checklist will help with purchasing only what I need for this step of my garden.

I like ordering seeds the first week of January.  This way if I get any gift cards for seed companies that I love I can use them.  So my game plan for next seasons garden is to start planning out my shopping list in December.

This way I can browse through seed catalogs without the temptation to haphazardly order something I don’t need, but have plenty of time to go back and change my checklist if needed.

I also have a habit of walking through stores and grabbing seed packets and random supplies without knowing if I need them or not.  This year, if it’s not on the list, it will NOT be purchased!

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Michelle Darby

Wednesday 7th of December 2016

Hello! I found you through the Homesteader Hop! This is just what we needed. We wound up with a seed wish list three pages long... from ONE catalog. This should help us narrow down our choices.


Wednesday 7th of December 2016

It's hard to say no to seeds! I hope this is helpful! Happy Garden planning!