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Make Your Own Onion Powder


Last week I ran out of a staple in our pantry…  Taco seasoning!  Really it was for the best though, because it led me to to make my own Homemade Taco Seasoning In Bulk.


Begone with the store bought junk that has ingredients that I can’t pronounce!


Well in gathering my ingredients for Taco Seasoning, I realized I was also almost out of Onion Powder!  Fortunately for me I had a bag of onions that were starting to sprout.


This sent me on a preserving and organizing rampage through the spices!  It drove Nick a little crazy for the day, but was well worth it!

Share the love! Pin me for others!Out of onion powder? What should you do with sprouting onions? Make your own onion powder!


So, what do you need to make your own onion powder?  Onions, a food dehydrator, and a food processor!  That’s it!


You could also use a mandolin, like this one to slice your onions, but a knife works too.

Directions to Make Your Own Onion Powder


Peel and slice your onions thin with a mandolin or knife.  (The mandolin helps get them super thin and even!)


Line your dehydrator trays in a single layer of sliced onions.


My dehydrator isn’t a super fancy one, you just turn it on.  So, I rotated the trays every 15-30 minutes to keep them even and check to see when they are ready.


You’ll know they’re done when they crumble easily for you.



When they’re finished, allow the onion slices to cool for a bit.


Put them into the food processor and process until you have a powder.



To store, I use a pint sized mason jar with these storage lids and chalk board labels.

Are you wondering how to stock your homestead pantry?  Check out my post How To Stock Your Homestead Pantry to get started on your own and see what we have in ours!

What is a must have in your pantry?  Tell me in the comments!



    We use onion powder all the time! I will totally be trying this next time we run out! I’m sure you could do the same with garlic?? Super excited!


    I figured it would be this easy…now I just have to try it!

  • Totally love this! I haven’t bought onion or garlic powders since I stopped using most processed foods, but every now and then, I wish I had them, especially when I’m cooking a quick supper on the fly and I discover I don’t have enough fresh onions or garlic on hand. I don’t have a dehydrator, so I’ll try this in my oven and see how it turns out. Thanks so much!

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