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Know What You’re Growing ~ Seed Inventory Printable

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Know What You’re Growing ~ Seed Inventory Printable


We’re entering January and I’ve got the new garden bug!  I’m already thinking about the fresh greens, tomatoes on my sandwich, and flowers blooming around my yard.  But to get to this point, I have some serious organizing to do!

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My seedling room in the basement needs a serious scrub down, I need to figure out how to work my new soil block maker, and before I can finish my seed purchasing checklist, I need to be able to make heads or tales of what I already have in stock.

My seeds are not a complete mess, but each year I tell myself there has to be a better way.  Well as I mentioned in Garden Planning ~ A Fresh Start, one of my goals this coming year is to complete my Homestead Management Binder.
This free printable was so helpful in organizing my seeds this year!


So, when I pulled out my drawers of seeds, I knew this wasn’t cutting it and got to work on my seed inventory checklist!  It’s broken down into 12 categories and is 6 pages total.

Each category has three columns, Seed, Quantity, and a checkbox for whether or not I need more of that seed.  The categories include, Annuals, Perennials, Lettuce/Spinach, Herbs, Onions, Peppers, Cabbage Family, Tomatoes, Corn & Beans, Carrots/Celery, Squash/Cukes/Melon, and Miscellaneous.

Short and sweet, but has helped me out so much already with making sense of the chaos in my seed box!

Get your own copy of this printable by clicking the link below, and don’t forget to check out Garden Planning ~ A Fresh Start to get your seed ordering checklist!



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Julia Dimakos

Tuesday 3rd of January 2017

Awesome Seed Inventory printable! Pinned to my group board.

Julia Dimakos