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Why We Share Our Eggs With The Dogs

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Broken Pocket Eggs

If you have chickens, you’ve been there.  You went outside, forgot to grab a basket and shoved eggs in your pockets.

Most of the time you can carefully make it back to the house unscathed.  But every so often you get the inevitable broken egg, all through your pocket.

The other day I was out playing with the kids when a parent came to pick up.  We had just had an impromptu trip to the coop and the girls had shoved their eggs into my pockets.

Miss Lilly gave me a running leap of a hug, before getting in the car, and I heard the pop!

Share the love!! Pin me for others!Should you let your dogs eat eggs? We think so! Check out all the benefits!

There had been half a dozen eggs in that one pocket and I lucked out.  Only one broke and most of it was still in the shell.

My golden retriever, Layla had been sitting there so I held it out and let her lick up the dripping egg.

When I looked up I was getting the most horrified look from Lilly and her dad.  They were clearly confused about why we share our eggs with the dogs!

Apparently, to everyone else this is totally bizarre!  But to us, and our girls, it is a special treat!

Maggie (the Puggle) and Layla are waiting at my feet every time I go near the egg basket.  But aside from them thinking they’re getting a special snack, they are getting so much more nutrients than dry dog food could ever give them!

What are the benefits?

Here’s why we share our eggs with the dogs.

A raw diet in general is more beneficial to your dog, than feeding them dry or wet dog food.  But we have yet to start fully feeding them raw.  We do however, offer them beneficial foods that come straight from the homestead.  Another favorite is fresh carrots!

Major benefits of eggs in their diet…

  • Eggs are one of the most complete sources of amino acids, the building blocks for protein.
  • They are a good source of:
    • Vitamin A
    • Riboflavin
    • Folate
    • Vitamin B12
    • Iron
    • Selenium
    • Fatty Acids
  • Although the whites contain enzyme inhibitors, this only means to limit eggs to a few times a week.
    • For some dogs it could cause diarrhea.  Just monitor and reduce the amount given weekly.
  • Egg Yolks contain Biotin, one of the important Vitamin B’s!
  • Even the shells are beneficial to your dog!  You can dry them out and grind them into a powder to add to your dogs food.

While dogs can contract salmonella, the risk is low as long as you are taking care to clean them first and have an overall healthy flock.

So after learning all of these pluses and seeing my girls wagging tails and smiles (yes the ladies smile!), I couldn’t image depriving them of this treat!

These health benefits were found in this article.

What is a healthy treat that your dogs love?

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