How To Grow, Use, and Dry Oregano

Oregano has to be one of my favorite herbs to grow!  It’s so easy and we love Italian dishes here so we use it a lot! But aside from those two facts, there are a ton of other reasons for you to love and grow Oregano in your own garden. It makes for a great […]

How Do You Save Space Growing Potatoes

We love potatoes around here, so of course we want them to be one of our main crops!  But, they can take up a lot of space (and time) when they are planted directly into the garden. The very first summer we lived at our homestead, we tried growing them in the garden and it was […]

Make Your Own Onion Powder

Last week I ran out of a staple in our pantry…  Taco seasoning!  Really it was for the best though, because it led me to to make my own Homemade Taco Seasoning In Bulk. Begone with the store bought junk that has ingredients that I can’t pronounce! Well in gathering my ingredients for Taco Seasoning, […]

The Homesteader Hop #53

Welcome to The Homesteader Hop #53! Each week we have plenty of posts to keep your attention starting every Wednesday at 1 AM EST. We’ve added something new to the Hop!