Garden Fresh Coleslaw With Tri-Colored Carrots

Garden Fresh Coleslaw With Tri-Colored Carrots This morning when I went out to the garden, I started by checking on my carrots.  Sadly, the few that I decided to pull, had been planted a bit too closely and were wrapped around each other. Pin Me For Later!! This lead to much digging, much damage, and […]

Richard’s Protectors

Richard is our main man, and he has had a rough couple of weeks. It started off with a not so little tussle with our puggle Maggie Mae, or as we like to call her, Marge. For the most part Maggie would prefer not to engage with Richard. Usually she goes the opposite direction. But […]

How Feed Type Can Lower Costs

How The Right Type Of Feed Can Lower Your Expenses Feeding my chickens will be an ever evolving practice.  A balance between keeping them happy and healthy, keeping it cost effective, and providing my family with the healthiest eggs that I possibly can. I have yet to venture into making my own feed blend, but that […]

Waste Not, Want Not

  This weekend the hubby and I started cutting down a few dead trees in the yard. On top of them being a huge eye sore, and a pain to clean up after every time the wind blew, we were in need of wood for the new fire pit Nick put in last summer. We […]

Solo dinner garden pizza!

  Last night I was on my own for dinner, with hubby working extra hard at a side job. Thank God for him! I was extremely frustrated with my garden. It’s doing beautifully, but I am impatient by nature! I wanted a garden pizza so this is what I came up with! We are huge […]