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Save Your Own Marigold Seeds

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Save Your Own Marigold Seeds

Do you grow marigolds every year??  Do you also look for ways of cutting back your gardening costs?

Of course you do!  So why not save your own Marigold seeds?

So, marigolds.  Yeah.  Honestly I’ve never been a huge fan.  They are not a flower that I get super excited about putting in my landscaping.

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I don’t really like the look of them, and I’m not a fan of the smell.  Just my preference.  My mother in-law loves them though!

But you know who is a fan of me planting Marigolds?  My garden!!

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Marigolds are a must for pest control in the garden.  So between that and my mother in-law (always thinking of you Linda 🙂 ) , I need to start A LOT of Marigolds every year.

The seed order can get pretty expensive every year, so anyway to cut costs on it really helps!  Why not start with a super easy seed to save?

To save your own Marigold seeds is not a huge process like saving seeds from some plants like tomatoes.  And Fall is the perfect time of year to collect!

All you need is a pair of pruning sheers and a bag or seed packet.  (Goal for myself.  Make you all a seed packet printable!  Hold me to it!)

Start by snipping off the dead flower heads from your Marigold plants.

Remove the petals, and underneath you will find a ton of the long, skinny black seeds with feathered white tips!

Store them in a bag or seed packet in a cool dry place, until next Spring and you are all set!

You will have so many seeds!  They could be a great gift to another gardener friend or family member, in a cute seed packet!

Told you it was easy! 😉

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Do you save any other seeds from your garden?  Tell me in the comments!