How to Can Tomatoes

Knowing how to can tomatoes is a must at this homestead!  You wouldn’t think that it was that high up on the importance list, but it really is! Not only are they healthier for you, but they taste so much better than canned tomatoes from the grocery store.  If you sit down and really think about it, […]

Spicy Dilly Beans

Canned Spicy Dilly Beans So, I may have gone a little overboard at the produce stand this weekend!  And unexpectedly ended up canning Spicy Dilly Beans! I stopped in to check on my order for a bushel of tomatoes.  On top of buying those, I ended up buying peppers for my Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Peppers, […]

Sweet Beet Pickled Eggs

Sweet Beet Pickled Eggs Fall molting is over and Winter Solstice is past, which means the days are getting longer.  It’s coming friends! We’ll have Spring soon, I can feel it! Pin Me For Later!! Yum Well, so can the ladies in the coop.  Although we’re not in full egg production, we’re on the right […]