Vericomposting ~ Or Black Gold for the Garden

.Thanks to my friend, Heather, and her gardening tips I have been introduced to vericomposting! It’s perfect for those of you who don’t have the space for a compost pile and for those of you who do it’s a step above and beyond! I was convinced after seeing this ridiculously large spaghetti squash plant at […]

Wood Burning ~ DIY

Wood Burning Tutorial When Nick and I got married, our wedding was rustic and old fashioned. In my eyes absolutely perfect! Wild flowers were scattered in mason jars, wood accents, our cake was simple and gorgeous.   It was exactly what I was looking for. We were fortunate that my cousin Jim, or Big Guy […]

Basic Dishcloth Pattern

Basic Knit Dish Cloth This pattern is my go to when I’m bored and don’t have the time to start a big project. They are great as gifts and hold up forever! Materials Needed: Cotton worsted weight yarn (I prefer Bernat, but any would work) Size 8 knitting needles Pattern: Cast on 3 stitches (Click […]

Momma Knows Best ~ Letting a Broody Hen Brood

Why you should let a broody hen brood. Last spring when Nick and I decided to order our chicks, I made sure we had everything ready. A brooder box with 2 heat lamps, a brooder thermometer, plenty of pine shavings, chick starter feed, chick grit, nutri-drench, I had an arsenal! I wasn’t going to let anything […]

Lower Chicken Feed Costs With Fermented Feed

Fermenting Feed     Fermenting chicken feed goes beyond just saving money when feeding your feathered friends in the backyard.   The reason that you are saving money is the fact that, one, they are not wasting a morsel and two, fermented feed makes nutrients more readily available to be absorbed than dry feed.   […]